Why Choose Us to Draft and Design you the Safari Package of your Dreams

AA Tours Rwanda is having a team of Experts and Good Services that will enable you to have great Stay in Rwanda while on Gorilla Trekking Adventure. Having Short Stay in Rwanda have a Look at the Day Trips like 1 Day Gorilla Trek Rwanda at very Discounted Price. Contact US to have the Last Minute Trip Booked.

Why you should Choose AA Tours Rwanda( Ultimate Gorilla Expeditions limited )

With Over 2 Years Experience in the Field of Tourism, Ultimate Gorilla Expeditions has been able to offer good reputation among major Hotels and they can book them at very Discounted Quotes.

1. Knowledge of our Product

AA Tours Rwanda ( Ultimate Gorilla Expeditions Limited ) are specialists in Different Countries ; we sell only Gorilla Safaris to Rwanda, Uganda & Congo Plus Simple Wildlife Safari Packages and we know our product extremely well, Gorilla Permits Costs US$ 1500, US $600 & US $400 Respectively.

2. Passion

We love Mountain Gorillas and its why we focused on Gorilla Safaris in Our Tours . AA Tours Rwanda has a way of getting inside you and touching your soul… it’s a remarkable feeling for those who experience it and we are both constantly yearning to experience more. Gorilla Safaris is our passion and we get a wonderful pleasure from introducing new guests or helping past visitors to reconnect with all Countries that we operate in.

3. Price / Value

You will pay the same (but usually even less) booking your Gorilla safari holiday with AA Tours Rwanda( Ultimate Gorilla Expeditions Limited ) than by booking direct with Gorilla Safari lodges and camps in Rwanda, Uganda & Congo. You do not pay extra for our services, rather, we receive discounted rates from these accommodation facilities during Gorilla safari & Wildlife Safari, add our markup, and still pass along a net savings to our guests. In addition, you have the assurance that your Gorilla trip is being planned and your booking handled by experienced and passionate Gorilla safari experts on hand to answer all your questions before you travel.

Our trips have no hidden costs. We don’t quote you a low price and then tell you later that, in addition, you have to pay additional fees or that inter-country transportation is extra. When we quote on an Gorilla safari, practically everything is included like Gorilla Permits, Ground Transportation , Lodges , Lunch and Dinners except gratuities, personal purchases, and perhaps imported liquors are typically included in the cost. We will always inform you up front about any additional costs.

Best Rates Guaranteed.

Our Gorilla safaris & Tours will not cost you any more than if you booked direct. This is backed up by our Best Price Guarantee, which means if you receive a lower quote from another company for the same holiday, we endeavor to at least match that price, if not better it.

Our itineraries have been designed to offer the best selection available; covering the variation of travel styles, from small group tours, adventure camping, 3-4 star accommodated, lodge safaris through to tailor-made fly-in safaris using luxury tented camps and lodges. We also offer a variety of specialized experiences including Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda, Uganda and Congo, Wildlife Safaris, walking safaris, family safaris.


-Unbiased, honest and expert advice, from experienced and regular travellers
-Tailor-made Gorilla safaris, to suit your needs
-Preferential rates, special offers and exclusive deals
-Professional Indemnity Insurance
-24 / 7 / 365 support while you travel

Competitive Prices – our aim is to provide the best value for money regardless of your budget, so we work hard to ensure the best possible prices for you. Typically you will not pay more than if you booked directly just Contact Us and the tour consultants from our staff will reply to you within 1 Day of working Hours.

Mission Finally, We do not attempt to offer cut-rate pricing for a lesser quality experience to attract guests; rather, we strive to offer the best value no matter the level of pricing or luxury and we only work with partners in all Countries we serve who offer such a value.

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