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Where to stay while doing Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda.

Where to stay while doing Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda: Are you planning to visit Rwanda but are worried of where to stay while there? Rwanda has got Many accommodation options  ranging from budget, midrange to luxurious. Your lodging preference will impact the scope of your gorilla safari. All three choices are typically quoted by businesses. The Sabinyo Silver Back Resort, Virunga Lodge, Mountain Gorilla Lodge, and numerous other well-known safari lodges are just a few examples.

Five Volcanoes Boutique Hotel.

The five-star Five Volcanoes Boutique Hotel is located in Musanze, the former Ruhengeri province, and is easily accessible by car along the route that leads to the Kinigi – Volcanoes National Park headquarters.

With stunning views of the undulating hills of the Land of a Thousand Hills, the resort provides luxurious lodging that is perfect for relaxation. 13 double or twin bedrooms and a VIP villa are available for guests. Every facility has a flat-screen TV and air conditioning. A kettle and refrigerator

A restaurant, a swimming pool, a traditional sauna, and a steam sauna are among the many amenities available. Our staff is eager to make your stay enjoyable.

Where to stay while doing Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda

Mountain Gorillas’ Nest lodge.

Where to stay while doing Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda

Nestled in a Eucalyptus forest, the super luxury lodge is situated in the Musanze district of northern Rwanda. With stunning views of Rwanda’s hills and the Volcanoes National Park’s slopes, the resort provides opulent family-sized accommodations in the Jack Hannah’s cottages.

The cottages.

The roomy cottages can hold up to 4 people and feature 2 huge bedrooms. Every bedroom has a large bathroom with a great view of the golf course, and the main living area consists of a gorgeous living room area with a wood-burning fireplace, a television, a dining area, and a kitchen.

With entry from the living room, there is a wrap-around porch/veranda outside that offers a wonderful view of Rwanda’s undulating hills and a “green” golf course. The cottages are peaceful and secluded.

Service at the Lodge

The Jack Hannah lodge will provide Where to stay while doing Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda with excellent attention. The personnel are competent, amiable, attentive, and willing to help you achieve the highest level of comfort. The service is excellent. The staff replenishes the firewood in the fireplace.

Each meal ends with a menu from which you choose three courses for the following supper. You can change your mind about any decision you make. Hannah Cottage is a decent enough choice, particularly for our family of four, when we should have the entire place to ourselves.

Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge.

The Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge is ideally situated for gorilla safaris in Rwanda as it is close to the Kinigi head offices and the Parc National des Volcans park headquarters provides where to stay while doing Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda.. It is situated in the Musanze area. Located at the base of the Virunga range, Sabyinyo Lodge offers stunning views of the surrounding countryside and the undulating slopes of the volcanoes.

The resort has eight well-spaced cabins that each offer excellent seclusion and breathtaking views of the Virunga Volcanoes. The large cottages have a large bathroom with a bath and shower that has hot and cold running water, as well as a bedroom, dressing room, and sitting space with a fireplace. They also have 24-hour power.

The cottages also feature a covered balcony where you may unwind, eat breakfast, read a book, or take in the scenery. The main lodge has a library and game room, a restaurant and bar, and staff members are always available to assist you.

Best View Hotel.

Where to stay while doing Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda

The Best View Hotel, Where to stay while doing Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda, is located in Ruhengeri, is an excellent hotel that every visitor should stay at. The hotel provides top-notch lodging options for visitors to Rwanda’s volcanoes national park as well as other destinations. The hotel offers free Wi-Fi internet access and flat-screen TVs with satellite programming in each of its rooms.

Furthermore, every accommodation features a relaxing lounge space with an amazing view for guests to unwind after a strenuous day of hiking.

Each room has a private bathroom with day and night access to hot and cold water. There are also fresh towels and hair dryers in the room.

In addition to providing room amenities like wake-up calls, the kind and attentive staff also does laundry.


A fully equipped bar with a 24-hour selection of both domestic and foreign libations is available. Always available, both hot and cold beverages are served according to customer orders. The restaurant offers a three-course buffet menu that includes all regional and foreign cuisine. There is free parking accessible at the hotel as well.

Faraja Hotel.

It seems like a home away from home when you stay at the Faraja hotel. The lodge offers stunning views of the Virunga volcanoes and is located in Musanze near the Ruhengeri-Gisenyi route.


There are twelve king-size rooms, ten standard singles, twelve queen-size rooms, three singles, and one junior suite among the hotel’s 38 cottages. Every room features a private bathroom, warm showers, and complimentary WiFi. In order to make your stay unforgettable, room services including wake-up calls, laundry, fire places, hot water bottles, clean towels, and comfy beds are provided. The spacious and well-ventilated rooms enable guests to decompress, focus, and rest.

In addition to serving delectable traditional Ugandan fare and international food in the dining room, the restaurant offers an ala carte menu.

Furthermore, a bar caters to customers’ demands by serving both domestic and foreign beverages. Ruhondo and Bulera lakes, Musanze Caves, and Virunga National Park are all easily accessible from the lodge. Experienced employees at the hotel make sure that guests receive high-quality services.

Garden Place Hotel.

Garden Place Hotel Rwanda

The hotel is the ideal location for you to be. It is located in Ruhengeri and provides both business and leisure guests with elegant, comfortable lodging. Easy access because it only takes one hour and thirty minutes to drive from the airport to the lodge.

The hotel offers 28 rooms total, divided into 2 VIP rooms, 9 standard rooms, and 17 double rooms. Modern bathrooms with lots of hot water and pressure, hair dryers, phones, flat-screen satellite TVs, and balconies with fantastic views are features shared by both rooms.

The VIP suites include separate living areas, a kitchenette with a small fridge, microwave, and coffee maker, and a sink.


The lodge features conference and meeting spaces with a public address system, wireless internet access, a business center, contemporary furnishings, and a generator that runs continuously. The restaurant meets the needs of all visitors by serving a wide variety of regional and international cuisine. Experienced chefs produce the high-quality food, which is then delivered by attentive, friendly, and well-trained waiters and waitresses. The bar is well equipped with reasonably priced local and international beverages and is open around-the-clock

Da Vinci Gorilla Lodge

Travelers visiting the national park of volcanoes can enjoy luxurious and mid-range amenities at the recently renovated Musanze Da Vinci Gorilla Lodge in Kinigi.


There are five independent cabins at Da Vinci Gorilla Lodge, each one nestled in a natural environment to give guests ample privacy. The accommodations include of double, single, and triple rooms, each equipped with a personal bathroom, hot and cold running water, hair dryers, and hot water bottles. There is a seating area in each room for your convenience.

Da Vinci Gorilla Lodge rwanda

Services offered

The staff of Da Vinci Lodge is highly skilled and offers excellent services to its clients. Along with all beverages, delicious local and international cuisine is served, fulfilling the expectations of every visitor.

In conclusion, a visit to Da Vinci Lodge guarantees guests a pleasant stay at a reasonable cost along with first-rate services

Mountain Gorilla View Lodge

The Mountain Gorilla View Lodge is situated next to Volcanoes National Park in the Musanze area of northern Rwanda. Situated in the foothills of Mount Sabinyo, one of the volcanic volcanoes that comprises the Virunga highlands, is the lodge. The primary entrance to Rwanda’s Park National des Volcans is around fifteen minutes away from the lodge.

The 30-spacy cottages of the ecolodge Mountain Gorilla View Lodge are roomy. The dwellings are covered with thatch and built of stone. Each cottage has a private veranda, en suite bathrooms, and a living space with a fireplace.

There is a restaurant and bar in the main lodge area, where home-cooked meals are served.

Gorilla Solution Lodge.

The Gorilla Solution Lodge is located in the Kinigi sector of the Musanze/Ruhengeri area, approximately two hours’ drive from the Kigali airport. Nestled behind Mount Karisimi, the lodge commands a stunning view of the Virunga volcano system.

Ten cabins total—double, single, twin, and family—are available at the lodge. Based on the interests of the clients, all rooms and sleeping arrangements can be changed.

Every room is incredibly roomy and features a private balcony, an abundance of views over the surrounding neighborhoods, a private bathroom with a hot and cold shower, hair dryers, fresh towels, a comfy bed, hot water bottles, and fresh linens.

Gorilla Solutions Lodge. Rwanda

The lounge features a fireplace where patrons congregate for warmth and storytelling, as well as free Wi-Fi internet that is always available. A well supplied bar with all local and foreign hot and cold beverages is available around-the-clock. Additionally, a restaurant featuring an elaborate menu and an African buffet that serves a wide variety of food to patrons is open around-the-clock and staffed by skilled chefs, waiters, and waitresses.

Gorillas Volcanoes Hotel.

This chic hotel is situated in Musanze, north of Kigali, and has a distinct personality and a relaxing atmosphere. The hotel has thirty-one roomy, cozy suites with separate showers and bathtubs. The restaurant is connected to a striking bar.

Breakfast is given from 06:30 AM to 10:30 AM and is quite filling. For visitors who rise early in order to see the gorillas. Trekking guests may request that breakfast be prepared ahead of time by contacting the hotel administration. You can order from the “à la carte” menu every day from midday until late evening.  Additionally, the hotel has a very entertaining and social outside terrace. A perfect spot to unwind, reminisce about your trip’s highlights, or even chat business.

Virunga Lodge.

Virunga Lodge is currently one of the best lodges in the area and undoubtedly has one of the most breathtaking views of any camp in Africa—high on a ridge overlooking both Lake Burera and Lake Ruhondo. The lodge is located approximately one hour’s drive from the park headquarters.

The lodge consists of eight huge stone rooms with large verandas, chunky wooden furnishings, and wooden floors. A briefly covered hallway connects each to a separate bathroom and shower. Solar-heated hot water powers the shower, and the toilets are eco-friendly low-flush models. Since everyone gathers around a single, enormous table for dinner each evening, Virunga Lodge is a wonderfully social place to be. In addition to gorilla tracking, spas and native “Indore” dance troupes perform here.

Villa Gorilla

Just two hours’ drive from Kigali international airport, Villa Gorilla is situated in Kinigi, close to the headquarters of Rwanda’s renowned Volcanoes National Park. There are four cozy double bedrooms with separate bathrooms and toilets.

For families or small groups seeking seclusion, careful management, comfort, and breathtaking mountain views, Villa Gorilla is the ideal choice.

La Palme Hotel.

The three-star La Palme Hotel in Musanze City provides business and leisure travelers with opulent lodging. In a distinctive and well-known restaurant that tantalises your senses with African cuisine and French and Oriental cookery, you can look forward to an amazing dining experience.

In the Mini Bar, savor a variety of cocktails that have been thoughtfully chosen to suit your particular preferences.

Kinigi Guesthouse.

The Kinigi district is home to the guest house, which is only 11 kilometers from Ruhengeri City. At 4,480 meters above sea level, it is built at the base of the Sabyinyo Volcanic Mountain. More than forty people can stay there, and every room has warm water and electricity.

In addition to a perfect 400-seat hall for conferences, seminars, weddings, and other social events, there are four VIP suites.