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We have listed the Best Countries in which we Operator in Like Gorilla Tour Destinations , Go Gorilla Trekking in the Virunga Region which is the home to the mountain Gorillas & Lowland Gorillas. Trek the Gorillas with AA Tours Rwanda trading as Ultimate Gorilla Expeditions. Watch the Primates Today. Book a Safari tour With Us.

Rwanda has mainly three national parks where tourists to this nation normally go for various activities and these include; Akagera National Park, Nyungwe Forest National Park and the mostly famous and major foreign exchange earner to the country known as Volcanoes National Park. To preserve the pristine environment, visitor numbers are strictly controlled where by only 8 people are strictly allowed per group and there are only 10 groups thus meaning that only 80 visitors can visit these primates per day and on top of this a permit is required for every intending visitor and it goes for only $750. However, even if you do not wish to track the Gorillas you can still have an incredible hiking or cycling experience in this breath-taking wilderness Park.

Akagera National Park is one of the most dramatically beautiful areas in East Africa and the extensive system of fresh-water lakes and swamps form the largest protected wetland in Africa. Few National Parks can boast a similar diversity of ecosystems which support a very wide variety of wildlife including hundreds of bird species. Plans are underway to re-introduce Lions and Rhino very soon, which will restore the Parks’ Big Five Status, Look at the 8 Days Rwanda Gorilla & wildlife Safari at AA Tours Rwanda.

Nyungwe Forest National Park is a huge wonderland of tropical rain forest just teeming with life! As you walk under the enormous 60m high trees you will be surrounded by orchids, butterflies and darting, colorful birds. This forest is home to 13 species of primates, so is the perfect place to visit before or after experiencing the magic of the Volcanoes Mountain Gorillas, to complete your primate viewing adventure. Here you can track Chimpanzees or have a close encounter with one of the huge troops of Rwenzori Colobus Monkeys, which sometimes number over a hundred. There is also an unbelievable hiking trail that includes a 50m high canopy walk, the only one of its kind in East Africa.

The last national park which is the most enticing of all is the Volcanoes national park where gorilla trekking takes place. There are over 360 mountain gorillas in this great virunga forest. Various silver backs and their female counterparts plus the infants are very cozy to live amidst.

You can as well go and explore the best that Rwanda has to offer by undertaking the Congo Nile Trail, an exciting 10-day hiking (or 5 day cycling, or 3 day driving) trail from Nyungwe National Park to Volcanoes National Park along the magnificent shores of Lake Kivu. Rwanda has the best Day trips to trek the Mountain Gorillas like 1 Day Gorilla Trek Rwanda, 2 Day Gorilla Trek Rwanda & 3 Day Days Rwanda Gorilla Safari even on  Last Minute Booking. Just Contact Us the Staff of AA Tours Rwanda.

The best way to reach Rwanda is by Air

Several airlines have flights to the Kanombe International Airport just outside the capital, Kigali, from Ethiopia, Burundi, Uganda, Kenya, South Africa and Brussels, Istanbul, Doha and Amsterdam.Everyone visiting Rwanda needs to have a Passport that is valid for 6 months after the date of their visit. It is advisable to contact your local embassy/consulate to see if you will need a visa to visit the country.

It is possible to drive yourself around, but car-rental is not widely available. However, your tour operator or hotel will be able to organize a vehicle if you would like to do some private exploring; the perimeter of Lake Kivu is best explored by 4X4.If you are visiting Lake Kivu you can organize a motor-boat transfer to see some of the lakeside villages and towns, we can recommend Self Drive in Rwanda .Special Designed Gorilla Safaris to Rwanda with Double Gorilla Trekking like 2 Days Gorilla Trek Rwanda & 3 Days Gorilla Trek Rwanda, (2 Gorilla Treks on Each Trip)


Uganda is a land locked country found in the East African region of Africa and she may not be the first country that comes to mind when you start planning an African wildlife experience, but it should certainly be at the top of your list if you are interested in primates. Uganda is simply Primate Paradise and there are several National Parks here that protect and conserve some of the world’s rarest and most endangered primates. Here you can lock eyes with a giant Silver back Mountain Gorilla and 4×4 Car Hire in Uganda is available with Ultimate Gorilla Expeditions.

Uganda is at the forefront of conservation efforts to save this critically endangered species, widely believed to be Man’s closest relative.   And there is good news! The WWF reports that conservation efforts have resulted in an increase of the Mountain Gorilla population from 620 animals in 1989 to around 786 today. Come and see them in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park on the edge of the Rift Valley, where about 320 of them live, including nine habituated groups which can be tracked on foot – the ultimate primate adventure. There are also many other primate species here as well as Elephants, antelopes and hundreds of birds.

At Kibale National Park, one of the loveliest of Uganda’s protected areas you can go Chimpanzee trekking through the tropical rainforest and spot some of the other 10 primate species and the 374 recorded bird species that are found here. You can even take part in the Chimpanzee Habituation project.

Gorillas, Chimps and other primates may be one of your main reasons for visiting Uganda’s National Parks, but it should certainly not be the only reason. Queen Elizabeth National Park is set against the dramatic backdrop of the Rwenzori Mountains and offers classic big game viewing with a few surprises – this is one of the very few places in Africa where you can see tree-climbing Lions.

Uganda is also world-famous as a bird-watching destination and there are more than 600 species of recorded birds to look out for. One of the best National Parks for birders is the Murchison Falls National Park, which is bisected by the Victoria Nile River which dramatically forces its way through a narrow gorge to plummet 45m to the valley floor. This is also a great place to see Elephant, Nile Crocodiles and Hippos.

Uganda is a cultural melting pot of diverse peoples and traditions. The nation as a whole is an amalgamation of ancient kingdoms and independent chieftains, among them the indigenous kingdoms of the Baganda, Bunyoro, Toro, Ankole and Busoga

Uganda’s major international airport is located at Entebbe – the welcome point for most international travellers. Most flights to Uganda arrive via other African nations, although more European, Asian and North American flights are now routed into Uganda.

Upon arrival in Uganda, your passport must be valid for a minimum of three months. You may also be required to show proof of sufficient travel funds and a return (round-trip) ticket out of Uganda. These requirements are subject to change, and should be verified prior to travel.

As Uganda’s tourism industry blossoms, so does the nation’s selection of hotels, lodges and resorts. Most international travelers on Uganda tours stay at well-rated hotels that meet Western standards. The best hotels are generally centered around Entebbe, Jinja and Kampala, and all major international parks offer accommodations in game lodges or tent camps.

Uganda car rentals are available, usually in Entebbe and Kampala. If you plan to drive, you must have an international driver’s license. Roads are of varying quality, especially in northern Uganda. Traffic drives on the left.

Uganda’s tropical climate is tempered by altitude.In Uganda, there are two rainy seasons: April through May and October to November; April is the wettest month of the year. In northern Uganda, the wet season runs April through October. Weather-wise, the best time to visit is December-March and June-September.

The official currency is the Uganda Shilling. Travelers’ cheques and foreign currency may be exchanged at local banks, Forex Bureaus, and some hotels. Never change money on the street, no matter how favorable the exchange rate. Major credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Diners Club, are accepted at most hotels and tourist points of interest throughout Uganda.


Congo is typically a third world country since it is totally difficult to spot any good maintained road and this is worsened in the rainy season when movement in this country is next to impossibility. Congo also boasts of Mountain gorillas that keep on roaming from Uganda through Rwanda to Congo by virtual of the fact that all these three countries share this great forest of Virunga ranges. Gorilla trekking in Congo is one of the best tourist attractions that fetch a lot of foreign exchange to the government treasury and this activity takes place in the parc des volcanoes national park.

This park is in Congo DRC and two of the gorilla troops are habituated to be visited by visitors. In 1990s, the parc des Virungas was the most popular of all the gorilla reserves, not the least because at times it was one open to tourism. After some time, it was closed due to war and un certainties.

After the country became a little bit stable, the park was re opened for tourism and many tour operators are doing their gorilla tracking in this park. This park is visited by few visitors compared to Uganda’s Bwindi and Rwanda’s volcano national park. The most likely reason is that the Virunga National Park is a gorilla reserve most visited by overland trucks and also that you go for gorilla trekking in this country on two options either to see the gorillas or to miss them since they keep on wandering from one place to another in that vast forest and AA Tours Rwanda has day Trips to Congo like 1 Days Congo Gorilla Safari, 2 Days Congo Gorilla Trek & 3 Days Gorilla Trek Congo  and 4 Days Lowland Gorillas Safari with Ultimate Gorilla Expeditions.

As if self driving is not a night mere enough, even just traveling to this country is not really advisable and always first consult those on the ground to give you a thorough security report.

Not so many companies will let you self drive their vehicles in Congo. In fact even if you happen to get one that can let you self drive in Congo, please don’t dare do that because that will be risking your life to the fullest. Congo is found in the Central part of Africa and it is bordered by countries like Uganda and Burundi. This is the reason why it shares the Virunga forest with Uganda.

When you must drive in Congo, always have an international driving permit. Outside Kinshasa and other main cities, most roads are barely drivable even with a 4×4, especially during the rainy season. In DRC as is commonly referred to as, vehicle theft and car-jacking are a regular occurrence. You should drive with the doors of your vehicle locked and windows closed at all times.

You will always encounter security forces operating roadblocks, particularly after dark. If you are asked to produce documents for inspection at a check point, remain in your vehicle and show them through closed windows. Even if you locate a company who will let you self drive, it’s really not advisable.


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